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lør. 02. mars


Refectory - Grantham College


Something hot this way comes... Lets have a night together like we're making history baby!

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02. mars 2024, 19:45 – 22:45

Refectory - Grantham College, Stonebridge Rd, Grantham NG31 9AP, UK

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Full Details 

The 'TEMPLE OF CVNT' is my own cabaret show, which I hope to provided a vast cast in performers with all kinds of talents and passions to share with me and the audience, from drag acts to burlesque to magicians, etc. The show is called, 'TEMPLE OF CVNT' because CVNT isn't just a feeling or a persona, it can be physical, it can be mental, but it is always magical! This is an 18+ show, which will hopefully raise awareness through performance art for all kinds of causes from lgbtq+, neurodivergence, cancer, suicide prevention, mental health, black rights and so much more, it's highly important to me as a black autistic trans-man to raise awareness for the discriminated and lack of understanding that plagues us still. Sex-positivity is also a massive part of the 'TEMPLE OF CVNT', for me as a trans-man, who hasn't been able to explore sexually yet, I've recognised the limits trans people have forced upon them due to being trans, and whether people want to face this or not, most humans are sexual in nature, not all, but most, so it's difficult when you feel your unable to join in a completely natural occurrence in life, because you have fear of rejection, hate, violence, being fetishes and so much more... 'TEMPLE OF CVNT' is about celebrating gender, sexuality and especially the trans body period!  

Beside having fun, feeling emotions and raising awareness, I just want to bring my grey heteronormative town into the 21st century and show the people there's so much fun to be had through artist experience, learning and watching, which is what I have done my whole life, I want to share my knowledge, talent and passion, and I want the performers booked to share their knowledge, talent and passion with me and the audience! While the poster reflects myself and my drag, which means the 'TEMPLE OF CVNT' appears as a hell-ish sexy domain where I hope to celebrate the vulgarness and delusion within myself and all; the most important thing to me is that the performers show THEIR talent and passion, whether that's sexy, spooky, funny, political, classy, vulgar, reality, maybe even offensive, if it drives home an important message, etc.  

All talent is welcome, everyone is welcome, but I recognise it's also going to be difficult for some to swallow and that's ok, because so was the concept of so many other movements and happenings, such as gay marriage in this country, which we take for granted today because there's so many countries who still aren't there and even worse are going backwards, the UK is one of them!  

Finally, I want to sell tickets through ThroneEvents By Cherry Valentine because I want to be able to say I raise money for suicide prevention and mental health awareness every show. mental health awareness is highly important to me, as some one who has gone through some of the darkest of times with mental health and somehow prevailed. I want to share my story and I want to help and the most sensible and right thing to do is sell tickets through ThroneEvents, knowing money is going towards suicide prevention, which I was lucky to be caught by the two times when I tried to end my life, I'm so incredibly thankful and want to give back.  Ok, so with that over hopefully you have a bit more of a picture of the reasoning behind my show, it's name and maybe just how anxious I am for it to be successful, here is the info that you need.

-Nefarious Devile-

Artists - 

(Host) Nefarious De Vile (Drag Performer) - Instagram: @nefariousdevile_666 + @templeofcvnt  

Lucy Luawana (Circus Performer) - Instagram: @lucy_luawana

Cake (Drag Queen Performer) - Instagram: @cake.queen.cake  

Neon (Drag Queen Performer) - Instagram: @thatsneonuk  

Kayleigh Valentine (Drag Queen Performer) - Instagram: @kayleighvalentine_  

Gender Criminal (Drag King/Circus Performer) - Instagram: @gender_criminal  

Darryl Carrington (Circus Performer) - Instagram: @darryljcarrington

Fine Print

The show is 18+ only, I.D. may be required on entry, event organisers and venue management have the right to refuse access for any reason including failure to provide identification and intoxicity.  The venue is accessible to all, as it's part of a fairly large college campus that accommodates all students of various capabilities.  The venue has free parking on site, with 150 spaces, however the building can hold up-to 180


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    Standard Show Ticket, 18+ Doors open at 7:45pm.

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